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I’m Human – SUE ME – Or Not!

Being a motivational speaker and a mom, my work time and child care time often overlap. The other day, my boy dragged me to one of those fast food amusement-o-ramas – the poor person’s amusement park – talking myself out of eating another French fry, observing my son slip through the mysterious slime on the slide, and striving yet again to recognize that smell. I gain a lot of insights from these play place petri dishes. This trip brought back some long forgotten lessons on forgiveness.… Continue reading - I'm Human - SUE ME - Or Not! >>

Little Known Secret of Motivational Speaking… PLAN Your Motivational Speech BEFORE You Write It

My eleventh grade English teacher’s nasally whine still echoes in my head, “Welcome back. Get out a piece of paper and come up with a 500 word essay on what you did this Spring Break. Get to it!.”And I would stare at that blank piece of paper with no clue of what things to write or what to admit (I was a little foggy on the laws concerning extradition). Then I’d begin to perspire. I would tentatively grab my pencil and start to write, less than confident that anything worthwhile would come out of me. I felt like I was using every random word that came to mind. I had one desire: to get through it. That’s when my handwriting got very large and I started describing the alligator that I allegedly wrestled (follow that spring break theme) as “super, super, super” big. It’s no wonder so many people hate to write.They were never taught how. They were never trained that something as simple as organizing your narrative to begin with, would make the project much simpler, and even (even) enjoyable.… Continue reading - Little Known Secret of Motivational Speaking... PLAN Your Motivational Speech BEFORE You Write It >>

Practical Joke Creation

To start with, be aware that in the case of understanding the concepts of humor, there isn’t one way of thinking, one training course, or one resource assured to make you spew-milk-through-your-nose funny. There are no automatic fixes. You have to do your own analysis, check out many writers on the subject to make sure you discover the particular expert whose language talks to you, review other comedians, and create your comic persona. You might already be thinking that it is not really worth the time and effort. No one suggested it would be a piece of cake. But hilarious sells. Therefore, to me as a comedian and motivational speaker, it’s worth the time and effort invested.… Continue reading - Practical Joke Creation >>