Monthly Archives: October 2010

For the Exposure

The last time I needed a plumber, he balked when I said “I don’t have any money, but this job would give you great exposure”. If people expect to pay a plumber for their work, why do so many people think it’s okay to ask a motivational speaker to work for free – “for the exposure”?

It’s quite acceptable to take every free job… Continue reading - For the Exposure >>

Sure Fire Speech Crafting

Anyone who frequently writes speeches has their own process, and the only goal is that the method results in a superior speech.  At times the hardest aspect of penning a speech takes place before you write the first word –the preparation – that phase when all of your thoughts and ideas are floating above your head in no order whatsoever. You kind of understand what you want to say in… Continue reading - Sure Fire Speech Crafting >>