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Bring ‘Em To Their Feet With Your Next Sales Presentation

If you want to stand up and stick out among your competitors , you have to deliver a presentation that doesn’t just get the job done , but outshines the others. Being good enough is no longer enough to get you the business. You have to be unforgettable . So how can you deliver an unforgettable presentation ? By treating it like a show . And who better to help… Continue reading - Bring 'Em To Their Feet With Your Next Sales Presentation >>

Ten Ways To Pitch with Passion

Banish Lack Luster Sales Pitches from Your Organization

You’ve dropped mega bucks for ten minutes in front of these prospective purchasers . You recalled each and every word of your script. You believe you did awesome. In actuality , your crowd checked out in the first sentence. As a motivational speaker and comic, I attend tons of meetings and hear gobs of sales

Use LinkedIn to Find Out About Your Audience

Hit the Target With Your Next Sales Presentation

The speediest means to relate with your audience is to truly understand your listeners. Regrettably, as motivational speakers, sales representatives, or anybody delivering demonstrations has learned, we don’t frequently get the opportunity to get acquainted with our audience to start with. Or do we? Is it possible to familiarize yourself with an audience prior to the