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Customer Service – What’s It All About?

Have you looked at your customer service from your customer’s perspective? Would your customers describe your customer service as OUTSTANDING? How do you think it looks from the perspective of a motivational speaker?

Everything has transformed considerably considering that the internet altered the scene. Everything has changed significantly given that social websites moved into the scene. The present economic climate has significantly transformed the… Continue reading - Customer Service - What's It All About? >>

In One Ear Out The Other: The Art of Attentiveness in a Sales Speech

As a motivational speaker, I don’t look at myself a master at the science of selling, not even close. You’ll find men and women on the market a lot more competent than me penning books and expert articles on the skill of selling. Surprisingly there aren’t as many sales people reading them, or there wouldn’t be loads of sales reps selling like utter morons. It’s… Continue reading - In One Ear Out The Other: The Art of Attentiveness in a Sales Speech >>

Motivational Speakers Use Stories With Impact

Telling a Story With Effect

Regardless if you’re giving a motivational speech or a sales presentation, stories are paramount. Composing a decent story is not the same as telling a decent story.

Make Certain It Pertains To YOUR Attendees

A story about the adventures of having a young child isn’t the right story for a bunch of university students. Create a story… Continue reading - Motivational Speakers Use Stories With Impact >> | 1 Comment

It’s MY Presentation – I’m What’s Important Here!

My turning point as a motivational speaker arrived when I ceased making my shows about me and started creating them about my listeners . Daunting for a speaker. Of course it was all about me – who else was front and center on that stage ? I gave a superb speech. Audiences praised the speech . Wasn’t that the point?

I observed other… Continue reading - It's MY Presentation - I'm What's Important Here! >>