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Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson blog posts on using humor

Humor Power Tip: The Laugh Goes Last

There are a couple basic sections to any joke – the set up along with the punch – the first part (set up) where you seriously build up a premise, and then the next element where you stun the listeners with an surprising ending. The humor is in the second part. It really should be evident that the humorous element should go last. Nevertheless I have found a lot of… Continue reading - Humor Power Tip: The Laugh Goes Last >>

Motivational Speaker – Use Laughter To Deliver The Tough Message

Being a motivational speaker and authority on humor – If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times “How do i make delivering lousy news better using humor?” There are lots of places and circumstances where we, motivational speakers, are asked to speak about difficult subjects. While there are many instances where joking around is completely unacceptable, there are other cases where comedy… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker - Use Laughter To Deliver The Tough Message >>

Punch Up Your Motivational Speech With One-Liners

Writing jokes isn’t an uncomplicated undertaking, especially if you’re not a funny person, which is why I love one-liners so much. They are simple to craft, effortless to splice into your presentation, and not hard for the audience to comprehend. You can always count on them for a laugh. Assuming they are funny. Forget the naysayers who say that one-liners are old fashioned and overused. They continue to be a… Continue reading - Punch Up Your Motivational Speech With One-Liners >>

Practical Joke Creation

To start with, be aware that in the case of understanding the concepts of humor, there isn’t one way of thinking, one training course, or one resource assured to make you spew-milk-through-your-nose funny. There are no automatic fixes. You have to do your own analysis, check out many writers on the subject to make sure you discover the particular expert whose language talks to you, review other comedians, and create your comic persona. You might already be thinking that it is not really worth the time and effort. No one suggested it would be a piece of cake. But hilarious sells. Therefore, to me as a comedian and motivational speaker, it’s worth the time and effort invested.… Continue reading - Practical Joke Creation >>