My Kingdom for a Roll of Toilet Paper

Often it’s the small things that make all of the difference — and gain or lose us business. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson shares a real life example where a town lost a lucrative conference over a roll of toilet paper… Continue reading - My Kingdom for a Roll of Toilet Paper >>

Seeing the Rocks

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson makes a good point on about seeing through the eyes of a child, and enjoying the little things in life like a big rock at a rest area:

Look Mom! A rock! 8-year-old motivates the motivational speaker!

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Starts Novel

A professional motivational speaker starting a novel? Big surprise. Why should we care? In this case, because it represents doing something that doesn’t tie directly into your current business, but re-energizes your soul. Ultimately, this kind of activity brings new vitality and creativity to your business. Read all about it on

Motivational Speakers Have Inside Track?

Motivational speakers know something the rest of don’t? Not necessarily. This may not be a new principle, but it definitely has more truth now more than ever – if you want to succeed, help others succeed. Really care about their success and it will benefit you tangibly. Read motivational speaker Kelly Swanson’s article on Daily Blogma:

Motivational Speaker Says “Just Watch”

Sometimes improving in things that are important to us is a simple as watching the right person. Motivational speaker Linda Larsen posted this helpful tip on her blog: