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Motivational Speakers Need Promotion

Motivational speakers constantly ask “how can I get more business”? A big part of having bookings is simply to promote yourself. One way to do that, and to make the world aware of your client’s event is by using press releases. On motivational-speakers-review.com motivational speaker Kelly Swanson explains the use of press releases… Continue reading - Motivational Speakers Need Promotion >>

Do Motivational Speakers Have Communications Gaffs?

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson was recently in Canada, and she found out that not everyone hears everything as intended with her southern accent. Here’s the hilarious TRUE story as Kelly describes it on motivational-speakers-review.com:


Here’s a No Brainer

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson asks an eternal question – Do Nice Guys Finish Last? She makes some good arguments:


See what you think!… Continue reading - Here's a No Brainer >>

My Kingdom for a Roll of Toilet Paper

Often it’s the small things that make all of the difference — and gain or lose us business. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson shares a real life example where a town lost a lucrative conference over a roll of toilet paper… Continue reading - My Kingdom for a Roll of Toilet Paper >>

Seeing the Rocks

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson makes a good point on motivational-speakers-review.com about seeing through the eyes of a child, and enjoying the little things in life like a big rock at a rest area:

Look Mom! A rock! 8-year-old motivates the motivational speaker!