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Seeing the Rocks

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson makes a good point on motivational-speakers-review.com about seeing through the eyes of a child, and enjoying the little things in life like a big rock at a rest area:

Look Mom! A rock! 8-year-old motivates the motivational speaker!

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Starts Novel

A professional motivational speaker starting a novel? Big surprise. Why should we care? In this case, because it represents doing something that doesn’t tie directly into your current business, but re-energizes your soul. Ultimately, this kind of activity brings new vitality and creativity to your business. Read all about it on motivational-speakers-review.com

Motivational Speakers Have Inside Track?

Motivational speakers know something the rest of don’t? Not necessarily. This may not be a new principle, but it definitely has more truth now more than ever – if you want to succeed, help others succeed. Really care about their success and it will benefit you tangibly. Read motivational speaker Kelly Swanson’s article on Daily Blogma:


Motivational Speaker Says “Just Watch”

Sometimes improving in things that are important to us is a simple as watching the right person. Motivational speaker Linda Larsen posted this helpful tip on her blog:


Motivational Speakers – What Do the Good Ones Do?

  • They get individuals CHARGED UP about your ongoing organizational goals, about their work, about the seminar – about daily life on the whole.
  • An outstanding motivational speaker demonstrates how to motivate yourself. Given that little or nothing gets done without the determination to achieve it. So call it puffy if you are so inclined